Find out about the Pilkington Fabric Engineering Group – creating innovative tensile fabric structures on land and on superyachts and cruise ships.

Pilkington Fabric Structures
Adding elegance and practicality to superyachts and cruise ships
Creating elegant canopies and awnings for superyachts and cruise ships
At Pilkington Marine Solutions we design, build and install bespoke, high quality tensioned fabric canopies and awnings for UK and international clients. Elegant yet practical, they make the experience of being aboard a superyacht or cruise ship extra-special.
Whether they’re permanent or retractable, our structures offer superb protection against the elements. So while your guests or passengers are relaxing on sun loungers or in an outdoor jacuzzi, bar or restaurant, they’ll be assured of a safe, attractive and comfortable environment.
Innovative yet practical
Our canopies and awnings certainly make each sea voyage more enjoyable. But they also add a lot to the appearance of your vessel. We harness our skills and imagination with the latest technology, materials and engineering processes to make our designs as beautiful as they are functional. And with the environment in mind, we ensure they have the lowest possible carbon footprint, too. We can create any shape, form or size you want. Whether you’re looking for a classic 1930's style or cutting-edge contemporary designs, we’ll reflect your personal taste or corporate brand. Our aim? To complement the line of your yacht, ship or liner - so your new structure is in total harmony with it.

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